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2019 Mind LAb Faculty



JULY 15-19 2019


The Mind Lab Intensive is an exclusive four day dance intensive at DIAVOLO in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA.The intensive includes 16 hours of training, and you must be individually invited to attend.

Students who receive The Visionary, The Trendsetter, or The Innovator scholarship will be the only dancers eligible to participate. HOWEVER, THE MIND LAB WILL BE GEARED TOWARDS INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED DANCERS AGES 10 AND UP.

Dancers will train throughout the day in contemporary, hiphop, jazz, jazz funk, and heels, along with mentorship classes with THE PIONEERS from The Nexxt Move. 


At the end of the intensive, attendees will be on set for The Nexxt Move's concept video, where they will learn first hand how to perform on camera and conduct themselves in a professional setting.

Throughout these fIVE days, dancers will build the skill set and professional connections that they need to discover what their "nexxt move" could be to pursue dance as a professional career.

The Mind Lab intensive is an incredible opportunity that is specifically designed to help guide dancers to thrive in the professional dance industry, whether it be concert or commercial dance. 



The full price for the mind lab intensive is $450. Scholarship discounted rates will be applied in your cart once you select which scholarship you have received.

THE MIND LAB intensive 2019



616 Moulton Ave,

Los Angeles, CA 90031