You can’t wait for inspiration.
You have to go after it.
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for young dancers, There is a gap in the dance industry. out of high school, countless dancers move to Los Angeles with nothing more than competitive dance and convention training. ready to dive into the industry, they have no idea where to begin, what steps to take, or what their options are to start building the career they dream of. The Nexxt Move fills that gap. 

Founded in 2018 by Nick Gonzalez, The Nexxt Move is an unconventional, one day dance intensive. It will be touring to select cities in the United States, as well as offering a summer training program in Los Angeles, CA.

Nick created The Nexxt Move for dancers to gain the knowledge,experience, and foundation they will need to pursue a strong career in the dance industry. it offers so much more than just master classes. It is designed to guide and enlighten dancers with the skills they need, so that they are prepared and confident with what their nexxt move should be as they venture into the dance industry.

for this one of a kind experience, Nick has hand selected each faculty member based on their expertise, positive influence on young artists, and genuine energy to inspire the dancers of tomorrow. 

the nexxt move's events will be a journey in self-awareness, creative expression, inspiration and above all, growth. they will encourage each dancer to walk away not only with exceptional dance training, but the opportunity to meet a new choreographer, a new mentor, and even a new friend. It is through these types of networking experiences that we will build our own dance families and make connections in the industry that will last a lifetime. 

As a parent of an aspiring dancer, you want your child to have a plan for their future. What if there was a program where they could be guided by trusted mentors? A program that left them knowledgable in not just commercial dance, but also concert dance, so they could explore all of their options in the dance industry.Even if your child decides not to pursue a career in dance, what if this program could provide them with important tools that benefited them in any career that they chose? That's what the nexxt move is.

There is a gap in the dance industry for young dancers. The Nexxt Move fills that gap.